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A full day tour of South Rock Island including snorkeling experience, BBQ lunch, and transportation to and from Milky Way, Long Beach, and Carp Island!

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This tour is recommended for those who want to enjoy the most popular activities in Palau. This tour will take you to the Milky Way, where you can enjoy a mud pack, the beautiful Long Beach that you often see on TV and in booklets, German Channel where you can see many manta rays, and snorkeling at the big drop-off! Lunch will be BBQ lunch, just like in Palau! We will also have some free time to kayak on Carp Island or just relax on the beach.

  • Days of Week


  • Duration

    8 hours

  • Adult (ages 13+)

    USD 148.50

  • Child (ages 3-12)

    USD 82.50


  • Highlight #1

    Enjoy the natural beauty of the rocky isle with its beautiful coral reefs, clear blue ocean, and white sandy beaches.

  • Highlight #2

    Snorkeling in Clam City to experience the clarity of the ocean

  • Highlight #3

    The famous "Milky Way" mud pack makes your skin beautiful!


  • Schedule

    • 8:45

      Pick up at hotel

      Our staff will meet you at the hotel in a courtesy car.

    • 9:10

      Departure to Rock Island

      After arriving at the Impac office, proceed to Rock Island!

    • 9:45

      Arrive at the classic Milky Way

      We will stop by Milky Way, a popular place for mud packs, which are also sold as cosmetics. Please come and experience it for yourself.

    • 10:45

      Excellent transparency! Snorkeling in Clam City

      Snorkeling at Clam City, one of the clearest and most famous snorkeling sites in Palau! Clam City is famous for its crystal-clear water and you can actually see the giant clam.

    • 11:45

      Watch the German Channel

      The German Channel changes color with the ebb and flow of the tide. It is a channel that connects the inland sea and the open ocean, and was created for boats to move around, but is now famous as a passageway for manta rays (manta rays).

    • 12:00

      BBQ lunch at Carp Island Resort!

      Carp Island is equipped with a restaurant, clean flush toilets and hot showers! Children, women and elderly guests can enjoy the island with ease!

    • 14:00

      Visit the fantastic Long Beach, which appears only at low tide.

      Go to Long Beach, which is often featured in TV and magazine photo shoots. It is said to be about 800 meters long and is an excellent photo point!

    • 14:40

      To the big drop-off at the snorkeling point

      Enjoy coral reefs of all shapes and colors. The sea is a deep blue color, and you can sometimes see sharks and turtles as well as beautiful tropical fish. This is also a favorite dive site for divers.

    • 16:00

      Arrival at the pier

      Please note that the time may vary.

    • 16:30

      Arrival at Hotel

      Please note that the time may vary.

Plan Information

  • What's Included

    • BBQ Lunch
    • pick-up and drop-off
    • Snorkel equipment (snorkel, mask, fins)
    • Life jackets
  • Requirements

    • Permit *Any person 6 years of age or older will need one of the following permits. Please let us know at the time of registration. Rock Island Permit ($50 / valid for 10 days) ●Jellyfish Lake Permit ($100 / valid for 10 days) *Payment must be made in cash on the day of the tour. If you have purchased the permit by yourself, please be sure to bring it with you.
  • What to Bring

    • Please wear your swimsuit in advance.
    • Light clothing such as shorts, sandals, T-shirts, etc. *Long sleeves, windbreakers, etc. are also useful.
  • Additional Info

    • Japanese or English-speaking guides will be provided.
    • Tour schedule is subject to change or cancellation due to weather or traffic conditions.
    • There is a small concession stand on Karp Island. If you wish to make a purchase, it is best to bring a small amount ($15-20)
  • Cancellation Policies


    1 day before to 17:00


    1 day before to 21:00

    After 21:00, 1 day before


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  • Adult (ages 13+)

    USD 148.50

  • Child (ages 3-12)

    USD 82.50