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Unexplored North island tour ~Palau's northernmost and most unexplored islands~

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A must visit at least once! This is a one-day tour of North Island, Palau's northernmost unexplored island. Drive to the wharf in the northern part of the main island. From there, take a boat to the unexplored Kayangel State. On the way, you can enjoy fishing and snorkeling. Fish caught on the island, surrounded by white beaches, can be served as sashimi or BBQ. *the tour will be cancelled or alternative arrangements will be made in case of rough sea conditions. *this tour is more likely to be bumpy than other tours because the boat will be in the open sea for a longer period of time. *Please understand that the elderly, children, and people with back pain should not participate in this tour. Infants and pregnant women are not allowed to participate.

  • Days of Week


  • Duration

    9 hours

  • Adult (ages 13+)

    USD 188.00

  • Child (ages 3-12)

    USD 99.50


  • Schedule

    • 8:45

      pick you up at your hotel

      Staff will come pick you up at your hotel. Please wait at the meeting place. Payment must be made there prior to departure.

    • 9:45 - 8:45

      Arrive at the docks in Alcolon Province! Board the boat and depart!

      take a short break before departure. ∗If the sea conditions are rough on the day of the tour, the tour may be cancelled in the morning. Please understand that if the channel is judged to be rough during the tour, the tour may be held in an alternative location instead of Kayangel Province.

    • 10:15

      Snorkeling at the first point

      You will be amazed at the clarity!

    • 11:10

      Try your hand at Palau-style hand fishing!

      Let's all catch delicious fish for a sumptuous lunch!

    • 12:10

      Landing on Younes Island

      The province of Kayangel consists of four islands. Three of them are uninhabited, and the tour will land on Younes Island. When the tide recedes, you can see the beautiful long beach, which can be described as "the real thing! When the tide goes out, you can see the beautiful long beach. Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the islands.

    • 13:00

      Lunch on a deserted island

      Palauan style foods for your lunch. Enjoy sashimi or grilled fish caught in the morning!

    • 14:10

      Sightseeing on Kayangel Island

      The population of the island is about 50 people. The elementary school has 14 students. Walking along the cobblestone streets, you will find a very rustic town.

    • 15:00

      Departure for Koror

    • 17:30

      We will send it to each hotel.

      Thank you for joining us!

Plan Information

  • What's Included

    • Local style lunch, drinks
    • State tax adult $23 child $11.50
    • Snorkel set (snorkel, mask, fins), life jacket, fishing gear
  • Restrictions

    • Infants and pregnant women are not allowed to attend.
    • Compared to other tours to Kayangel Island, this tour is more likely to cause the boat to rock significantly for a long period of time as it travels through the open ocean. We ask that the elderly, children, and people with back pain be aware of this.
  • What to Bring

    • Please wear your swimsuit in advance.
    • Light clothing such as shorts, sandals, T-shirts, etc. *Long sleeves, windbreakers, etc. are also useful.
  • Additional Info

    • Japanese or English-speaking guides will be provided.
    • Tour schedule is subject to change or cancellation due to weather or sea conditions.
  • Cancellation Policies


    1 day before to 17:00


    1 day before to 21:00

    After 21:00, 1 day before


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  • Adult (ages 13+)

    USD 188.00

  • Child (ages 3-12)

    USD 99.50